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Latex Care

Your latex garment will arrive pre shined with a latex conditioner on the outside and lightly dusted with talcum powder on the inside to stop it sticking together.

- After wearing, handwash in lukewarm water with a few drops of mild baby shampoo or washing up liquid. Swish it around for at least 5 minutes then rinse in fresh water - you will know when it is thoroughly rinsed as it will begin to stick to itself.

- Hang to drip dry or dry flat on a towel. Turn inside out to ensure both sides completely dry. Once dry, give a light dusting of talc and store in a polythene/plastic bag out of direct sunlight. If hanging, use a wooden or plastic hanger.

- Alternatively, once rinsed, add a few drops of Vivishine to fresh water and swish your latex around before hanging or laying flat to dry - your garment will then be ready to wear or store without the need for talc.

Things to Avoid

- Keep latex away from sunlight as this causes a chemical breakdown in latex resulting in a loss of shine to the shiny surface. Storing your latex in a dark wardrobe is perfect.

- Avoid contact with copper or nickel based metals as these can cause latex to discolour, especially on lighter colours of latex.

- Avoid the use of fake tan, perfume, deodorant, creams and body oils as these can also discolour or chemically breakdown latex.

- Try to avoid digging in sharp nails when dressing/undressing as this can cause latex to tear. Instead, use the flat back of your hand to smanouver the garmnet over your body. Also avoid overstretching areas with appliques as this can cause the applique to peel off.

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